ClicCRE - Overview

Accessing the tenancy data from old property management systems, using older technologies is always a challenge for the stake-holders like Property Managers, Asset Managers, Property Owners, Occupiers and Investors. Getting the required data is always a time-consuming matter and getting the latest updated information is a bigger challenge.

ClicCRE is a solution brings together all information under gambit for Data Platform, Analytics, generate thousands of predefined Real-Estate Metrics (RE) and Predictions.

Our cloud enabled application can be accessed from anywhere anytime and the responsive design helps the user, in accessing the application on any device as per their screen resolutions, may it be a desktop, laptop, tab or mobile.

ClicCRE Features

ClicCRE offers below mentioned unique features

  • Leasing Metrics
  • Tenancy Metrics
  • CAPEX Analysis
  • Portfolio Performance Metrics
  • AUM
  • Investment Analysis
  • Diversity and Risk Analysis
  • 10-K Supplemental and Compliance Reporting
  • Facilities Reporting

Data and Analytics Platform as a Cloud Service

Clicinsight is a true SaaS offering. There is no software or hardware to select, install, configure, or manage. Clicinsight data and analytics platform delivers real-time business insights through analytics in a cost-efficient, scalable and secure manner. Our platform aggregates unlimited data sources into one centralized data store that enables you to make strategic decisions for your business in real-time, on any digital device. It also flexible and offers enhanced customization capabilities to meet each client’s need.

The seamless integration with many Commercial Real Estate and ERP systems provides you an out of the box connectivity to extract data into clicinsight cloud data store. The maintenance, upgrades and security fixes are all completed by Clicinsight team. All the processes runs completely on scalable reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. Clicinsight simplifies your data challenges and provides innovative solutions to meet all your data needs.

Clicinsight allows you to access key information needed to run your business and manage transactions, while providing valuable portfolio and location analytics.

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Data Connectors and APIs

● File Based Integration ● Direct Relational Database ● API Based

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Data Source Integration

● Yardi ● MRI ● Argus ● Salesforce ● Excel/CSV Sources

Data Quality


ClicCRE provides a functional analyst view for the following areas through dashboards and custom reports

Information represented is unique and comes with real-time analytical dashboards. This helps CRE users to understand their current P&L and helps them with definitive decisions.

Our Product allows users to slice and dice data at different levels to allow deeper analytics. The drill through mechanism helps end users to understand the reason for the current outcome. CRE product has drill through in-built till the lowest level possible. This defines our in depth understanding of the real estate industry.

CRE data allows users to take intelligent data driven decisions through the analytics and data insights.

Real-Estate Metrics

ClicCRE Offers reporting and metrics around all aspects of Commercial Real Estate Life Cycle.

A full service reporting platform serving the needs of customers in the areas of .

The views provided to each different category of users are access controlled by the creator of the report. With minimum number of clicks, the Admin of the portal can configure the required access privileges.

RE Accounting

This module provides different reports such as

RE’s reporting is not limited to only above. Depending on your business needs RE can produce different other reports, provided base data are available to churn out.

RE Metrics

Real-Estate Metrics revolves around below mentioned metrics.

They help them to understand the actual on-ground scenario and their P&L for the real estate.

Certain major metrics are:

Budgeting and Forecasting

For any RE product or the business users, the budgeting and forecasting holds a major milestone.

They generally count on below mentioned scenarios.

These metrics can essentially signal whether the return is contextual with the level of risk the buyer is willing to take on.

ClicCRE Product Features - Functionality

With the ability to analyze the lease data in a meaningful way, commercial owners and operators that manage tenant leases can enact opportunities. They can hone their decisions, through comprehensive analytics and insights from the cleansed data.

Property Contract Analytics

We access and analyze structured data in an index, map, table or calendar view. Then create dashboards and reports to derive tailored insights for the unique needs of your business.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Data Lineage (Technical Features) Each extracted data point is linked to a source of information, providing a full audit trail that paper-based processes and spreadsheets cannot provide.

Data Quality and Integration of the Lease

(Technical Features) We integrate directly with property management websites, ensuring data integrity and accuracy with one source of the truth across your entire portfolio.

Get the advantages of having Clean and Live Tenancy Data by using Clicinsight - Lease

ClicCRE Advantages

ClicCRE has integration with various property management and ERP systems like Yardi, MRI, Qube and Real Page. It pulls the information directly from these systems and ensures the data quality of the data being extracted from multiple source systems by eliminating duplicates , errors through our data cleansing process.

Our system keeps the current and the historical data readily available at the fingertips to quickly ascertain trends. Identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs
Our In-memory reporting speeds up processing of large amounts of data by storing in RAM rather than on slower-performing disks, resulting in faster performance of reports, metrics and dashboards.

Our out-of-the-box solution ensures you realize value quickly and with low risk. It also provides an ability to customize the pre-delivered reports or build new ones to meet the demands of each customer.

In-depth Data Analysis
One source for all your data and analytics needs, everyone can access real-time insights to make sound decisions.

Clicinsight Dashboard and Reports

ClicCRE provides separate dashboards for separate roles like Asset Managers and Property Managers. They can access the live tenancy data and get the required reports and information based on their roles. The application being responsive gives them the advantage of accessing it from any device anytime from anywhere.
Public companies (traded companies) can directly pull the reports directly from the tool to build their SEC 10k Supplemental reporting.

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