ClicAI - Overview

The real estate sector is in a great position to leverage AI and automation technologies to increase productivity, reduce costs, minimize the digital disruptions and errors.

Clic AI provides a digital platform to develop and build your AI applications.

Our goal is to reduce the learning curve for AI, and enable the customers to unlock the benefits to its fullest potential. The time for digital transformation of the real estate industry is here.

ClicAI Applications

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Data Tagging

Automated transaction tagging is one approach to solving the challenge of laborious manual process. The concept is simple; instead of forcing business users to add metadata to content, an AI engine tags every piece of content or data transaction.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings improve your properties and management through data analytics. You can predict and prepare for seasonal changes in energy use, or identify leaks and other needed repairs by identifying spikes and irregularities in heat or water usage. It also allows you to manage your buildings remotely. The solution utilizes IoT tools, sensors and devices to collect huge volumes of data in real time. The AI algorithm then utilizes this data to allow property managers to be more proactive, improve space availability, provide auto-adjusted comfort levels, offer equipment maintenance alerts and enable remote management.

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Predict CAPEX Expenses

Capital Expenditures can significantly hamper the income return of commercial properties. and mislead the investors into making misguided decisions. With AI at the heart of capex planning, portfolio managers and property owners’ planners can become better investors.

Building your AI App on Clicinsight platform is very simple

Define your business needs

What outcome(s) do you want to see? How can AI help your business move towards success?

Prepare Your Data

Identify all the necessary attributes required for an algorithm to predict your outcome(s).Load Data into the Table

Train your Model

Iterate to through various AI algortihms to identify the best Performing Model for your dataset and outcome(s).

Validate and Test

Validate and test the model with new datasets to see how the model perfroms.

Monitor and Maintain

Keep the AI app reliable over time by testing and tweaking the model for new patterns and predictions.

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